Welcome! We've changed our name to reflect the state of promotional music.

Our purpose is simple...

We want you, the DJ, to get the truth. We are the ONLY independent site on the Internet run by actual pool directors themselves.  We are not a commercial company with ulterior motives, we are not a street team, we are not folks trying to front by using the good name of pools while actually being a retail store selling you promos out the back door. We are DJ's just like you.  We look for the latest music just like you.  We want to provide honest and accurate information to the disc jockey who is looking for promotional music and may be considering joining a pool in their area.

Is A Music Pool For Me?

Like to play everything that's on the radio? Maybe a pool is not for you; it depends on what is happening in your market. On the other hand, if you like getting the latest product weeks or even months in advance? Do you like getting unreleased mixes that probably won't show up at retail? Then we can help you. We've provided a number of resources to help you and point you in the right direction while steering you clear of the "fly-by-nights" and those organizations who call themselves a pool (but only want to take your money.)  Start with the F.A.Q. written by the celebrated (and three-time recipient of the Winter Music Conference International Dance Music Award "Best National Independent Record Promoter of the Year") Gary Deane Ahrens, then use the Pool List link on the right to find the pools closest to you. Note I said, "in your area." We all talk to each other and know what's going on, so emailing all of us asking us if you can join our pool when you may be clear across the country is not a good idea. This site is intended to provide exposure and support for long-term pools (pools who have been in existance at least 10 years or more, pools that you can count on to be there for you, across the United States.  We also list some of our Canadian brothers to the North at the bottom of the list. And we provide space and support to the National Association of Record Pools, a group of individual pools who abide by a code of ethics that honors our members and our fellow pools.

Cool, now what?

Look around, check all of the links, read all the articles and most importantly, ask questions. We were all in the same place as you, in the same shoes as you at one time. Someone helped us out and we want to do the same. The main thing to remember is that a good pool is MORE than just music, it's about learning from some of the best DJ's in the industry, things like programming, etc, how to be a good employable working jock and how to take care of a dancefloor! Things that cannot be learned on a message board or in a bedroom.

By the way, if you are an artist wanting to promote your music...

PLEASE contact us! DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ON THE INTERNET who says they will promote your product through us unless you really know them. We are the real deal, we are the ones who make sure your music is given a chance on the dancefloors of America and it only costs you the expense of producing the music and sending it to us. A POOL DOES NOT CHARGE FOR PROMOTION! There are some less than scrupulous characters on the Net who have no relationships with us but say they do. You deserve better...your music deserves better! Please read the article Fake Record Pools also! Additionally, BEWARE of retail stores fronting as pools but actually selling off promos. Demand to see a roster of active members who are spinning in the clubs! PS: I want to reiterate...pools DO NOT CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES! If someone is charging a fee, they are a street team and not a pool. The policy is simple, in order to evaluate your music honestly and fairly, we need to maintain a professional distance and the second money is involved, all that goes out the door.

ALSO, as an added new feature for the fresh on the scene promoters who have a new-found intensity of emailing MP3s left and right, please refer to one pool's solution that should be adopted as a national platform on how to effectively deal with this problem.

DJ's, want to know how all this dj stuff and club music started? Get the real story...


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